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Experts in Fashion, Trend Analysis, Sourcing and Delivery

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We are committed to ethical and sustainable standards across all areas from design to our factories through to logistics and delivery. Constantly sourcing and ensuring we are at the forefront of this standards via our teams designated in the far east offices and frequent UK QC travel and support.

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Innovation and passion for fashion drives our products and customer range building. Covering all products in Denim, Outerwear, PU, Woven & Jersey bottoms: our innovative ideas have mass-market appeal  that meet all customer expectations on style, fit and functionality whilst ensuring competitive pricing. Our design team search in all corners of the world for the latest in fashion, functionality and future fashion business ideas.

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Located in China, Vietnam, BD and India we cover a spectrum of design, competitive costs and lead times.

Our teams based in the FE office are dedicated to upholding our standard of quality, early or on time deliveries and most importantly happy working staff.

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We are one of very few fashion houses that offer a UK holding facility for our customers. This allows for us to ship goods early and keep in storage ready for customer call off. Benefiting in additional sales during peak seasons or hold off during off-peak. Our lead times vary between 2-5 months ex-factory depending on styles and fabric used and our sample turnaround is 5-8 days.