Our team of designers, merchandisers, QCs and fabric technologists are dedicated to creating on trend, high quality products ensuring mass-market appeal within our range. Producing across multiple product ranges including plus size and maternity.


The denim range is constantly refreshed with new exciting innovative designs, fabrics and washes. Covering all areas from core basics to premium denim.

Casual Wovens

Within our casual wovens range we progressed from a predominantly bottoms focus soon growing into all areas with our customer successfully delivery a vast range in dresses, jumpsuits and various other lines. Consistently sourcing high quality fabrics at affordable prices.

Outerwear & PU

We supply a wide range of casual jackets covering lightweight raincoats, Pu and padded down jackets ensuring we source and develop into key trends and fabrics to build strong functional, great fitting products at competitive prices.

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Alpha 211’s kidswear range covers styles for 3 months to 13 years mainly specialising in girls wear across multiple product ranges in both denim and woven options. We ensure that all garments comply with safety standards and remain both practical and hardwearing whilst exploring fun and playful themes. All factories producing kids wear are fitted with a needle detection machine.