Our design ethos is to be at the forefront of fashion trends with contemporary styles that transcend into wearable, superb fitting garments. Our designers are constantly studying and evaluating the latest fashion trends from the catwalk, fashion platforms, the highstreets, festivals and various locations around the globe.

We always aim to create commercial yet fashionable products covering all products in denim, outerwear, wovens and jersey bottoms.

Our initial design concepts are developed through our trends boards and from them we build our ranges. We use a combination of commercial, unique and versatile fabrics to develop our innovative ideas which meet all customer expectations on style, fit and functionality, whilst ensuring competitive pricing.


Our partner factories and sourcing teams are always growing and adopting new methods in sourcing, washing techniques and energy saving methods to ensure we keep our carbon footprint reduced throughout all processes from design to delivery.

To ensure our ranges are developed to the utmost accuracy we frequently visit our factories to ensure that there is a clear understanding and interpretation of Alpha 211’s design developments & production.


With the main office in London closely aligned with our supporting office based in the southern capital of Guangzhou and Dhaka, BD we can ensure a seamless process from start to finish.

We are one of very few fashion houses that offer a UK holding facility for our customers. This allows us to ship goods early and keep in storage ready for customer call off, which benefits additional sales during peak seasons or hold off during off- peak.


Alpha 211 is committed to ensuring all its supply base comply and meet its ethical sourcing standards.

All factories work and conform to the ETI (Ethical trading initiation) Base Code and it is of paramount importance to our teams within the UK and FE to continuously work towards ensuring the highest ethical standards. All factories are BCSI and Sedex approved with ongoing processes to ensure upkeep and progression.

Sustainability of our denim production is something we take very seriously, continuously sourcing into less polluted and echo friendly solutions like Ozone washing methods, BCI cottons and laser blasting etc.

Independent ethical and technical audits reports available on request.


Having built strong partnerships with reputable manufacturing facilities along with our logistic/fabric expertise we offer short lead times, low manufacturing costs and a premium quality of production. Bringing all of these attributes under the same umbrella we are able to present a level of service which is second to none.

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